Overseas market promotion
2017/8/11 12:08:33
Job responsibilities:
1, the development of Southeast Asia, Russia, South Africa, Brazil sales promotion channels. Willing to travel overseas, as required by company development
2. Good command of English, good communication skills and excellent communication skills
3, have certain sales experience, grasp customer psychology skills
4, do a good job of market research, understanding competition products and industry trends
5, participate in recruiting and establishing BD team in overseas markets, and promote regional talent acquisition and business cooperation
6, participate in domestic and international cooperation strategy formulation: according to the product development strategy, formulate the company's long-term global brand / resource cooperation overall program
7 、 keep smooth communication with customers, factories and related departments, coordinate the arrangement between sales and production;
Job requirements:
1, familiar with overseas mobile phone products and intelligent hardware industry: understand overseas mobile phone business model, familiar with brand / Channel / market cooperation form at home and abroad
2. Relevant experience in marketing, event operation and brand communication is preferred. Overseas study background is preferred.
3, strong executive ability, strong self drive, able to work under pressure, eager to challenge.
4, the post is often short-term overseas travel, please be careful delivery!
Working address:
Block E, No. 686, Lane 2, Wuzhong Road, Shanghai, Minhang District, 1202